Sea Moss Raw


Sea moss is a powerhouse of 92 minerals of the 102 needed for your body. It can enhance your gut health and improve digestion. Sea moss aids in lowering your cholesterol & improves your blood sugar control. Sea moss is capable of drawing out bad toxins and metals in your body.

✨ 92 Minerals
✨ Aids in digestive health
✨ Lowers cholesterol
✨ Improves your blood sugar

How to make sea moss gel:

1.) Clean your sea moss.
* Rinse of your sea moss in spring water.

2.) Soak your sea moss.
* Once your sea moss is clean, soak it over night. Put it in the refrigerator for the process, the sea moss will triple in size.
3.) Blend your sea moss.
* Place clean sea moss into the blender and add fresh spring water until you get the gel consistency you like.

✨ Take 1-2 tablespoons per day.